Science Department organizes weekly potlucks

Teachers connect through sharing meals


Nathaniel Sturzl

Science department gathers for weekly potluck on Jan. 10.

When Chemistry teacher Alexander Polk enters the science room on a Potluck day, he feels relieved in his ability to unwind and share pre-made food with his peers.

According to science teacher Alan Wachutka, the science department teachers participate in a weekly potluck with various themes depending on the month.

“Each month we have a different theme that matches the month beautifully, a lot of alliteration if we can fit it in the name, and one day a week we sign up to bring (food) that fits that theme,” Wachutka said.

Wachutka said the theme for their January potluck is “Shame-uary.”

“(The theme) this month is “Shame-uary”, because we have to make up for the holiday season. So it is somewhat healthy,” Wachutka said.

Wachutka said this is the first year the science department has participated in weekly potlucks.

“We had a couple occasions last year where we did this and then we decided we should just do it all year round,” Wachutka said. “So every month, once a week we do it.”

Polk said he enjoys eating what other science teachers have brought to share in the potluck.

“My favorite part of the potluck is when I do not have to bring in any food, but still get to eat really good food,” Polk said.

Science teacher Peter Dangerfield said he also enjoys seeing what his peers prepare for the theme of the month.

“My favorite part is seeing what my colleagues are bringing, remembering when I get up that I don’t have to bring a lunch that day and just eating lunch with (my) colleagues,” Dangerfield said.

Dangerfield said potlucks serve as a great way to bring the science department staff closer together.

“Anytime you get together for the sole purpose of eating with someone, we are all sitting around a round table in there, you can’t help but talk with your department members,” Dangerfield said.