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SOAR discusses racial, cultural issues

Director of assessment, evaluation and research Silvy Un Lafayette and junior Helen Tefera listen to junior Iqra Abdi share her opinion during the SOAR meeting Feb. 24. SOAR met with the superintendent and his administration to discuss issues surrounding race in the district as a whole.

Grace Schultz and Ryan Barnett

February 29, 2020

While reflecting on the meetings conclusions senior Zoe Younger said she is optimistic for change to be seen in the curriculum after hearing her peers’ testimonials. “The experiences of multilingual students was super eye-opening, for cabinet members and students alike,” Younger said. “I feel lik...

Soar meets with Mayor

February 26, 2020

Issue 4, Dec. 9

Issue 4, Dec. 9

December 19, 2019


Staff Editorial: SOAR meeting sparks important dialogue

Senior Victoria Caraball makes an announcement during the SOAR meeting Nov. 25. Students discusses what impact race has in their life.

December 5, 2019

The St. Louis Park community places significant value on diversity and student voices. This culminated in the meeting of Students Organized Against Racism (SOAR) Nov. 19. The Echo Editorial Board applauds SOAR for creating this opportunity for student voices to be heard. Conversations about race are very impo...

SOAR initiates discussion

Sophmore Kendrick Ross Jr.  reflects on his experiences with race and identity while his peers listen intently at the Students Organized for Anti-Racism event Nov. 25. Senior Amaya Foku leads the conversation throughout the meeting.

Maria Perez Barriga and Gabriel Kaplan

November 27, 2019

As freshman Sharon Lunasilva reflects upon the in-school Students Organized for Anti-Racism event, she said she hasn’t always felt comfortable discussing race in school, but the event gave her the opportunity to talk about her experiences. “As a mixed person, race is something that I’m really passio...

Let’s talk race

Senior Natalia Caraballo speaks about her experiences at Park at her second SOAR uncensored forum. “I felt really good. I felt like I shared everything that I needed to in order to get my message and experience across to people,” Natalia Caraballo said.

Grace Farley and Dani Orloff

December 7, 2018

For junior Victoria Caraballo, conversations about race and equity have previously been uncomfortable, but she said open dialogue, like the un- censored race panel, fosters healthy discussions regarding race. “I think that even just starting up a conversation in class or starting a conversation ...

Staff Editorial: Race panel highlights community-wide issues

Junior SOAR member Zoe Younger speaks to the crowd during SOARS's uncensored race panel.

December 3, 2018

Park’s Students Organized Against Racism recently held its second uncensored race panel. The panel allowed students and faculty to pre-submit questions to be answered by a diverse group of students at the panel itself. The Student Organization Against Racism (SOAR) panel members touched on issues per...

SOAR kicks off year by attending community panel

Juniors Izzy Kanne and Zoe Younger participate in a community discussion led by the Community Education Advisory Council Oct. 11 at the Rec Center. As members of SOAR, they attended this event to discuss racial issues in St. Louis Park.

Sofia Seewald and Maggie Klaers

October 13, 2018

As a member of the Students Organized Against Racism club, junior Amaya Fokuo said she was impressed by the community discussion held at the Rec Center Oct. 11, as it brought awareness to important racial issues. “Last night we learned a lot about microaggressions, which was really interesting,” Fokuo said. “...

Uncensored panel drives community discussion

Uncensored panel drives community discussion

Sumaya Mohamed and Annabella Strathman

May 24, 2018

Sitting on the panel in front of approximately 45 students, staff and community members, student organizer and panel member senior Doreen Morang’a said she hoped to inspire change within the school. “It was beneficial because, for the students, they got answers to questions that they were l...

Uncensored race panel looks to spark conversation

Equity coach and SOAR adviser Matthew Horel talks to seniors Rahma Farah and Ambriya Reese about the complexities of race. SOAR meets every Thursday at 8 AM.

Annabella Strathman

May 21, 2018

In talking to her classmates and teachers about tomorrow’s uncensored race panel, junior member of Students Organized Against Racism and panel participant Maddy Eduardo said she was met with gratitude and excitement. “Other schools have had things like it, I think we are the only one near he...

SOAR panel enriches community, creates conversation

Junior Callia Blake leads a discussion about the group's goals during the meeting Oct. 12.

May 21, 2018

Members of Students Organized for Anti-Racism are having a panel to respond to anonymous student questions about race. Within this panel the SOAR members will answer questions anonymously submitted without any form of censorship and attempt at keeping comfort. The ECHO editorial board encourage...

SOAR aims to diversify curriculum

SOAR aims to diversify curriculum

Devin Raynor

March 1, 2017

The Student Organization Against Racism (SOAR) is working to increase diversity in the literature taught in English classes at Park, according to junior co-president Olivia Massie. “We started our project. It’s about the books that we read in school and how most of them are from dead white male a...

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