Surprise party held for two teachers

Students show their love to retiring teachers


Oliver Smith

Teachers Julianne Kaster and Jennifer Magdal receive gifts during their retirement celebration May 11. Students organized a surprise party to honor Kaster and Magdal.

Nora Hall

After two International Baccalaureate (IB) teachers announced their retirements, students

decided to throw them a surprise party to show their appreciation.

One of the teachers who is leaving, Jenny Magdal, said she was shocked and very grateful when she found out about the party.  

“I was totally surprised, yet not because they are so sweet,” Magdal said. “I just wasn’t anticipating anything, so it was a total surprise — my heart was warm and I was just filled with so much gratitude.” 

Senior Tamar Gewirtz said she wanted to thank Magdal and Kaster, and came up with the idea of hosting a part in their honor.

“We all wanted to do it since they were leaving next year, so we just needed to figure out the plan.” 

Senior Zoe Frank said she was excited to celebrate with her teachers. 

“they helped us through a lot of things and just advise us well and were just excellent teachers,” Frank said. “We got to know them really well through being diploma candidates, so it only seemed appropriate to have a little celebration for them before everybody left.” 

Gewirtz said she had mixed emotions when it came to the fact that these two teachers were retiring. 

“(I’m) sad because I love them but also because we’re graduating too. It’s kind of nice because we’re graduating together, and it was nice to have a party with them so we could say bye,” Gewirtz said. 

While being in distance learning this year, Frank said it was nice to have the party in-person.

“It was super fun to come in and see both Mrs. Magdal and Mrs. Kaster and people I just haven’t seen all year,” Frank said.  

Magdal also said it was nice to have the party in-person after having spent nearly half the year in distance learning.

“Some of our students who are normally just distance were able to come for it too, so it was just nice to at least see parts of faces, especially for so many students I hadn’t seen in a long time,” Magdal said.