Country can find common political ground

Country can find common political ground

Maddie Schutte

With Trump’s official impeachment on two articles in the House of Representatives Dec. 18,  St. Louis Park should be able to fix its divided community.

Since the 2016 presidential election, St. Louis Park has been divided into two sides — the left and the right. We have lost all ability to understand each other’s point of view.

The impeachment proceedings should give St. Louis Park citizens an opportunity to unite. We all should be in agreement that the most high ranking elected official is not above the law. Whether the president is a member of your political party or not, he shouldn’t be abusing his power. We need to hold our elected officials accountable in order to maintain a functioning democracy.

Park is a predominately liberal school. We should take this opportunity to try to fix the divide we experience daily in an equally liberal state. 

St. Louis Park citizens should also take this as a lesson to learn from. While running for president, Trump was impulsive and made it nearly impossible to have a productive debate. It felt as though every week he made a new bigotted comment or had another scandal exposed. It should be no surprise that he would abuse his power in order to investigate one of his front-runner opponents, Joe Biden, as well as intimidate witnesses. 

The campaigning process is the perfect time to pick up on harmful character flaws that come out in the heat of the moment. Trump’s flaws have now become a reality. Staying informed during the election process is pivotal in order to eliminate candidates who are running for the wrong reasons.

The impeachment serves as a perfect way to unite the country and keep people, especially our youth at Park, involved in politics and voting.