Marta Hill wins Minnesota Journalist of the Year

Senior inspires future journalists


Emily Ziessman

Senior Marta Hill instructs Echo staffers on what they need to work on in class Feb. 20. Hill is now in contention for the National Journalist of the Year, along with all the other State Journalist of the Year winners.

Tobias Khabie

Senior and Editor-in-Chief of the Echo Marta Hill was sitting in the St. Louis Park City Hall parking lot when she received news that she had won the Minnesota Journalist of the Year award. According to Hill, she never imagined she would win such an award.

“I didn’t let myself think that I could ever win because I was like, ‘I don’t want to build it, it’s fine if I don’t win, I don’t care,’” Hill said. “I found out that I did (win) and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe it.’ I would never have thought that I would be in a position to apply for journalist of the year.”

Hill said the award is given to a senior in Minnesota who has been a part of their publication for at least two years. According to junior and Managing Editor for the Echo Noah Orloff, the award was well deserved.

“Marta is an amazing leader, and she does a great job making sure that everything (is) going smoothly,” Orloff said. “She’s a great writer. She deserves this award, and I’m very proud of her.”

According to Hill, journalism has been a huge part of her life and she has enjoyed many benefits from being a part of a publication.

Marta is an amazing leader, and she does a great job making sure that everything (is) going smoothly. She’s a great writer. She deserves this award, and I’m very proud of her.

— Noah Orloff

“Journalism and more specifically, Echo has given me a community because one of my favorite things about Echo is how it works with other grades,” Hill said. “But also, journalism has made me a more confident person. If you told me that I would be able to walk up to the mayor, the superintendent, that would not be a thing, but I’ve done that.”

According to Echo adviser Lori Keekley, Hill and senior Isabel Kjaer, Hill’s co-Editor-in-Chief, have worked hard to ensure high quality Echo content.

“They’re really driven to make sure that we are covering the student body, and they’re  bringing that voice forward,” Keekley said. “It’s cool to see them grow so much and do what they’re doing.”

Orloff said the work Hill does pushes him to become a better journalist himself.

“It motivates me to make sure that the newspaper is doing its best at all times and embodying those values that Marta was honored for,” Orloff said.

Hill said she is now in contention for National Journalist of the Year. She said she doesn’t want to get her hopes up, but won’t rule anything out.

“I didn’t let myself think I had a chance at winning State, so I’m not letting myself think I have a chance at winning Nationals,” Hill said. “I know I have a strong portfolio, but everyone has a strong portfolio, but I’m not counting out anything.”