Vali-Hi Drive-In Theater open for the season

Theater creates unique environment


Carissa Prestholdt

At sunset in the city Lake Elmo Vali High Drive In movie theater plays the movie Incredibles 2. Incredibles 2 is the first of three movies that played this night.

Sofie Geretz

With the popularity of consuming modern entertainment in different forms, junior Maggie Klein said she chose to go to the Vali-Hi Drive-In due to her friends and her interest in drive-in movie theaters.

“My friends invited me to go (to the drive-in). It’s really cool and I’ve always wanted to experience a drive-in,” Klein said.

Klein said Vali-Hi is a special and nostalgic place to be able to go to.

“I think it’s unique, because there’s not a lot of drive-ins anymore. It’s pretty cool to have something so close to our house that reminds us of the ‘80s,” Klein said.

Junior Victoria Contreras said the best parts of Vali-Hi were her freedom to socialize before the movie started and having the freedom to experience a movie from her own car.

“(I liked) being able to hang out with friends before the movie started and watching it from the comfort of my car,” Contreras said.

Klein recommended bringing bug spray and arriving at the drive-in early in order to ensure the best possible experience.

“Come prepared with bug repellent. Also, if you get there late you have to get a stop that might not have a speaker at it,” Klein said. “So I would go early, just to make sure that you can put the speaker in your car.”

Contreras said the least enjoyable part of the drive-in was the long waits to get in at the beginning and for the bathroom.

“(I didn’t like) the long line of cars at the beginning and there were always long lines to get into the bathrooms in between each movie,” Contreras said.

Klein said she enjoyed the drive-in and the atmosphere it created.

“It was a really good way to spend time with friends and be at a movie, but also you’re able to talk to your friends, too. It’s not like a regular movie theater where you have to be quiet because you’re so close to everyone,” Klein said. “Because you’re spread out in your own car, you have privacy and that makes it a lot more relaxing and fun.”
The Vali-Hi Drive-In Theater shows its first movie at 8 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and is located in Lake Elmo, MN. For more information on the Vali-Hi Drive-In Theater, visit Vali-Hi Drive-In’s website.