‘The Mandalorian’ season 2 exceeds standards

New characters and places expand the series


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Sam Swisher

After finishing season one of “The Mandalorian” I was thoroughly impressed with the spinoff series that gives us a further glimpse into the Star Wars Universe. The end of season one left us with Mando (Pedro Pascal) taking on the responsibilities of Baby Yoda by becoming his caretaker, which was probably my favorite aspect of season one. As I awaited the second season, I couldn’t cap my hopes that the new season would develop the father-like relationship between Mando and Baby Yoda.  

My expectations were blown out of the water with how director Jon Favreau was able to develop the bond between Mando and Baby Yoda. Although there were glimmers of a connection between Mando and Baby Yoda in season one, season two brings a deeper connection shown through Mando’s care for Baby Yoda’s upbringing, instead of  his life as a bounty. This relationship between the two continues to develop throughout the season and is noted by many of the supporting characters. 

The introduction of more characters and the return of old ones is another aspect of the season I really enjoy. Most of the characters play the role of short-time companions alongside Mando and Baby Yoda’s journey, not as long-lasting additions to the duo. This constant coming and going of new characters helps deepen the connection between Mando and Baby Yoda. Not only does it help prove how bound together the two are, but the new characters give us more insight into the galaxy. 

One feature I’ve loved about the show is the ability to see more of the galaxy and meet many different characters with really interesting backstories. We got to see countless new worlds, meet new species and experience Mando speaking in a couple of different languages. These all contribute to an experience unique to the Star Wars franchise. Although last season had a lot of new experiences for the viewer, it felt like this season did an amazing job of showing us places we hadn’t seen before, either in last season or other Star Wars franchise movies. 

Lastly, this season did a phenomenal job of bringing characters from the main Star Wars films into the show. They didn’t just bring these characters back for appearance’s sake, they brought them back to tell new stories. The interactions of the “The Mandalorian” series and the mainstream Star Wars movies creates a relationship that is inevitable. This is very rewarding for the series as it gives viewers a feeling of familiarity in a show with nothing but new content. 

All things considered “The Mandalorian” season two is a must-watch show for winter break, not just a series that has been hyped up by the media.

“The Mandalorian” Season 2: ★★★★★