Weezer’s Newest Album Disappoints

Review of Weezer’s New Album

Fair use from Epitaph Records

Fair use from Epitaph Records

Roberto Alvarez

Weezer is a famous rock band formed in 1992 with 20 albums and counting. The band consists of seven musicians: Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell, Matt Sharp, Patrick Wilsom, Mikey Welsh, Scott Shriner and Jason Cropper. I just listened to their latest album, titled “Winter.” I’m going to be honest — I did not enjoy this album. I might be a bit biased since I don’t really listen to rock music, or alternative in this album’s case. There just aren’t many songs that really stuck with me or stood out in this album. I felt like the rhythm and melody of the songs in this album just felt off, like I couldn’t find a groove or a feeling when listening to the songs. 

I’m not saying that every song was bad, there were some songs that I would say I mildly enjoyed. Like the songs, “ I Want A Dog” or “ Lambic Pentameter.” I felt like these songs were more clear. They were not moving at a fast pace and they were going at a good pace. I liked the meaning behind both songs as well and how it relates to the singer’s life. It was more mellow and not as upbeat as the other songs on this album. That’s the most positive review I can say on only two out of the seven songs on this album that I actually kind of enjoyed. 

I would say a majority of the songs that I listened to on this album were just flat out not good. It felt like everything was just all happening at once with every instrument that is being played throughout these songs. It was really hard for me to enjoy these songs, even just a little. Songs like “Sheraton Commander” or “ The One That Got Away” are the best two examples of songs that support this reasoning. 

Would I ever listen to this album again? No, I don’t think I would ever want to hear any music of this genre of rock or alternative music again. It’s just not what I am into — it’s doing too much. Even while listening to it for this review, I did give an open mind to this album, I really did. I replayed and replayed the album and I still felt the same each and every time. It’s just not good. I wouldn’t recommend this album to anyone.  


“Winter:” ★☆☆☆☆