Is ‘M3gen’ over hyped or just right?

Female version of chucky


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Liz Williams

The movie “Megan” started gaining a lot of popularity in mid-November on Tik Tok. It got really popular because it was something different. There was this one scene that everyone was obsessed with. It was a scene with the doll doing this funny dance. It just gained a lot of hype in general because it was a new doll horror movie and there hasn’t been one in a while.

The movie is about a girl who gets adopted by her aunt after her parents die. Her aunt noticed that her niece was lonely and Gemma also didn’t really have time to take care of Cady, so she made her a doll as a friend and for company. The doll isn’t an ordinary doll, though,  it can talk, listen, teach and protect the person it’s bonded to. It also has a name, M3gen.

Everything started off good with the doll and Cady. They got along really well and became best friends. Things started going downhill once M3gen and Cady were attacked by their neighbor’s dog. The owner of the dog didn’t seem to care about Cady’s well-being, so this made M3gen mad. She started watching the neighbor with an enemy’s eye.

This movie reminds me of every other doll movie, which was disappointing. A kid gets a doll as a gift, and the doll becomes haunted or evil. It’s really overplayed now. I mainly say this because in movies, like “Annabelle” and “Chucky,” the doll is given to the main character as a gift and things start off as good but start going downhill. I thought that because it was getting all this recognition, it was going to be something different, but sadly it wasn’t. 

For me, the movie is alright. It didn’t give me the “wow” reaction I was looking for. I really like horror movies, but this movie didn’t have enough scary scenes. I think people hyped it up a bit too much because of the trailer, and they were also just really excited. 

All the epic scenes started coming towards the end, like that one dancing scene everyone was obsessed with. I don’t like rushed movies because everything just gets confusing. 

A lot of people said they hated how it ended but it wasn’t too bad. It could’ve been better, but I just wished for more horror scenes, considering it was in that category, like jumpscares and more detailed scenes. 

“M3gen”. ★★★☆☆