‘Red Moon in Venus’ prepares us for spring

From ‘Isolation’ to ‘Red Moon in Venus,’ Kali Uchis has us healing

Fair use from Genius

Fair use from Genius

Anisa Kahin

R&B artist, Kali Uchis, has raised the bar once again with her new album, “Red Moon in Venus.” It was released on March 3 and “Red Moon in Venus” became Uchis’ third studio album after “Isolation,” which was released in 2018. With singles like, “I Wish You Roses” and “Moonlight” going viral on TikTok, Uchis is ready to start a new journey with us.

The album starts with a 25 second audio bit titled, “In My Garden” and it’s a simple “I love you” reminder to whoever is listening. The next track is a single that was pre-released titled, “I Wish Your Roses” which is about Uchis still wishing someone love — even though they aren’t in contact anymore. The album’s tone is set after the song, “Love Between…” which talks about the beauty of love. Specifically, love between two human beings. 

Like Uchis’ previous albums, there are features in “Red Moon in Venus” and these features include Omar Apollo in “Worth the Wait,” Don Toliver in “Fantasy” and Summer Walker in “Deserve Me.”

Some songs that stuck out to me are “Happy Now,” “Blue” and “Moral Conscience.” “Happy Now” is the last track on the album and also one of the most catchy. The song talks about Uchis finding her peace of mind and being ready for a relationship. “Blue” is an extremely flowy song. The song is about Uchis realizing that her lover is falling out of love with her and she is trying to gain that love back. “Moral Conscience” is easily one of my top three songs from this album, the song talks about the feelings of loneliness and what it’s about.

Compared to Uchis’ album, “Isolation,” which is about a five-year span in her life, where she was struggling to keep the relationships she had with those she loved positive, “Red Moon in Venus” is all about the positives of her love life and you can really sense the maturity she has gained in the past five years. While Uchis’ flow remains somewhat similar, her delivery has changed. The reason is because in this album, she is expressing her feeling of being in love.

My top five songs from this album would have to be “Moonlight,” “Worth the Wait” with Omar Apollo, “Moral Conscience,” “Love Between…” and “Fantasy” with Uchis’ significant other, Don Toliver. All of these songs are all about one thing: love. While they all differ in perspectives, they all are about the woman Uchis is today.

I rate “Red Moon in Venus” a five out of five stars. My reasoning is the fact that this album has had no skips and been on repeat from me. It also brings good energy and feelings every time I listen to it. Uchis cleared the plate and continued to impress us. I hope for many more albums like this from Uchis in the future.

“Red Moon in Venus:” ★★★★★