KAI heads into spring with a new ‘Rover’

Third time’s the charm with this beautiful album

Fair use from Genius

Fair use from Genius

Nafisa Kahin

KAI dropped his third mini album, “Rover,” on March 13 with six songs — most songs  becoming a huge hit and going viral everywhere. KAI is in a K-pop boy group called, “EXO” with 12 members. KAI is one of the vocalists in his group. KAI’s real name is Kim Jong-in, and he debuted as a solo artist Nov. 2020.

Starting us off with number one on the tracklist for “Rover” is “Rover.” This song is very catchy, from the beat to his voice and with the main lyrics being, “Stop, I’m throwing my name away, call me Mr. Rover (rover, rover).” “Rover” is deserving of the hype that it gets, with other famous K-pop groups such as NCT 127, TWICE and his own group EXO, dancing with KAI doing the song’s choreography.

Number two on the tracklist is “Black Mirror.” The title really fits with the way the music is because it’s giving out mysterious vibes. What I mean by that is the music, the lyrics and the vibes overall. I love how smooth the song sounds, and I think this is my favorite in the album. When you look up the translation it seems like he’s talking about pictures from the past and future. 

Number three on the tracklist is “Slidin.” The lyrics are sort of illicit, per say but the music itself is so beautiful. The vibes and the vocals are just very delightful to listen to. KAI’s vocals are really soothing to listen to. There’s always something positive for me to say about his music at the end of the day.

Coming in at number four in the tracklist is “Bomba.” This song gives off, ‘dancing into the night’ type of vibes — in a good way. The vocals match with the instruments of the song so well too, matching the beats of the music. Lyrics such as, ‘Stop what you’re doing and feel this moment. You can melt the ice hot. Hotter than the summer,” translated to English shows what type of song it is, a song meant for summer.

“Say You Love Me” is number five on the tracklist. It sounds like a typical love song. KAI is so emotional when it comes to his music and his lyrics, and for this song he talks about wanting a chance with the person he’s singing for. “Say You Love Me” gave me nostalgia for the love songs from the 2010s.

Last but not least, at number six on the tracklist we have “Sinner.” This song seems like the type to be used for a scene with confrontation, I see it this way because of how symbolic it is and the amount of emotion the lyrics have. I can see that as a good thing because of how smooth KAI’s voice seems with the way the music isn’t as poppy as “Bomba” or isn’t as mysterious as “Black Mirror.”

Overall, “Rover,” KAI’s third mini album, has zero skips for me and the way each song in this album seems to portray a different type of emotion is so breathtaking and beautiful to me.

“Rover – The 3rd Mini Album:” ★★★★★