Debut album stuns country music fans

Megan Moroney’s ‘Lucky’ hits the radio


Fair use from David McClister

Anna Williams

Following the release of “Tennessee Orange,” which became a very popular and successful social media obsession, many anticipated further releases from the upcoming star Megan Moroney. As a rising artist who began writing songs while attending the University of Georgia and playing small venues, the releases of her EP, “Pistol Made of Roses,” and “Tennessee Orange” made 2022 her breakout year. Creating a buzz around her name, Megan Moroney has proven she is no one-hit wonder with her first album, “Lucky.”

“Lucky” opens with a playful comeback directed towards the obsessed girlfriends of ex-boyfriends in “I’m Not Pretty.” With addicting lyricism and an unforgettable tune, it is a fun song that sets the stage for the rest of the album. “Lucky” follows, taking listeners on a journey through the first stages of young love and perfectly illustrating the back-and-forth phases in confusing relationships. With a classic country feel, this melody has not left my head since.

The third song on the album is “Tennessee Orange.” Though it is arguably the most popular song of her album and her discography, the reason for it being so is entirely justifiable. It tells a love story in such an authentic and unique way and is a stunning country waltz with an enjoyable guitar and drum mix. Some may say that it is overrated, but the instrumental is truly beautiful. Though I do not think it is the best song on her album, it should not be reduced only to a social media hit, as her vocals are incredible.

“Kansas Anymore” is a heartbreaking perspective of knowing a relationship is not the same as it once was and creatively plays on “The Wizard of Oz’s” themes and infamous line, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” My absolute favorite track on the album is “Girl in the Mirror.” Moroney’s incredible vocals combine with relatable and powerful lyricism, speaking to the insecurities of many teenage girls and how many people surrender their self-worth to their partners. It is a soft ballad and showcases that a grand production is not needed to make her songs successful; her words and her voice are honestly enough.

“Another on the Way” assumes even more of the country feel, sounding as if it has a Western-tinge or was inspired by one of Miranda Lambert’s songs. “Traitor Joe” is a witty play on Trader Joe’s and has been stuck in my head for days. It is a clever song about knowing the girl a boy is with is not treating him right and thinking that you would be better for him.

“Why Johnny” is an emotional song, referencing June Carter having to cope with Johnny Cash’s demons; it mentions the burden of coming home to a boy who smells of alcohol and pills. Though “God Plays a Gibson” has beautiful vocals, its lyrics and instrumentals did not exceed my expectations as all of the other tracks did. I did, however, find it interesting how she referenced religious themes and engaged an audience by sharing an understandable perspective on connecting with God. “Georgia Girl” showcases more of the Bluesier musicality that Moroney has to offer. Its lyrics perfectly illustrate the emergence of empowerment from frustration with a man’s philandering ways, making listeners want to dance despite the heartache.

“Sleep on My Side” is also one of my favorite songs on this album, as it is a quirky take on a boy moving on too fast with one too many girls following a breakup, coining the phrase, “I sleep on my side, and you sleep with everyone.” “Mustang or Me” is a clever take on the worry of who will break down first — you or the car you would use as a getaway car in a failing relationship. With a sincere and emotional delivery of her lyrics, I was able to experience the heartache she did. When an artist is able to do that, you know that their performance is powerful. The same goes for the melody and story-telling of “Sad Song for Sad People,” which are incredible and draw you in immediately.

What I love about this album is that it remains true to the new country genre. Her remaining true and unique to herself and her style of music is what makes her debut memorable. It is amazing to see her versatility by hearing her intentional lyrics, powerful vocals and incredible instrumentals. There is heartbreak but also love, self-recognition, vulnerability, empowerment and strength laced in and scattered throughout all of her songs. This charming album really does show the potential Megan Moroney has in the country music industry, and she is definitely a rising star to look out for.

“Lucky:” ★★★★★