It’s going to be a ‘KAYTRAMINÉ’ summer

Duo album from KAYTRANADA and Aminè drops

It’s going to be a ‘KAYTRAMINÉ’ summer

Anisa Kahin

Rap artists and new duo KAYTRAMINÉ dropped the album of the summer. “KAYTRAMINÉ” was released May 19 and became the duo’s first studio album. Their strong passion for music and blossoming friendship caused the collaboration and masterful album to be released. The album consists of 11 songs.

The first song on the album, “Who He Iz,” is a chill song with a catchy beat. This song is a hype song. The lyrics are all about self appreciation and understanding that you’re that person. The song ends with the sound of a group celebrating. The flow stays the same throughout the song, which makes it addictive.

The second song on the album, “letstalkaboutit” featuring Freddie Gibbs, has the same energy as the earlier song, but it’s more fast-paced. It starts as a question — the question is to talk about a situation but later changes to a storytelling. 

The third song on the album, “4EVA” featuring Pharrell Williams, is funky and has a repetitive energy to it which makes it so hypnotizing. The song is about looking for someone to spend forever with and their experiences.

The next two songs, “Westside” and “Master P,” are about the beginning of a phase in a relationship. Both the songs have a smooth,flowy rhythm and are pretty chill.

The sixth song on the album, “Rebuke,” is a mellow song with a similar catchy beat to the first song. The song is about getting over a relationship that has ended. They refuse to give up and they don’t like the feeling, but they understand that it’s for the best.

The seventh and ninth songs on the album, “Sossaup” featuring Amaarae and “UGH UGH,” are similar but different to the third song. They’re similar in the sense of the beat and sound of the song, but they’re different in its lyrics. These songs are about finding someone else. This song represents the feeling of starting to feel attraction towards someone.

The eighth song on the album, “STFU3,” is about not having a care in the world. It has a bumpy beat and party vibe to it. I would say this song is one of my favorites in the album because it’s just a fun song.

The next song on the album, “EYE” featuring Snoop Dogg, is an upbeat song with a synth feeling. The song starts off with its chorus being a supportive saying, followed by a story on the beginning of a relationship and the encouragement of one another.

The last song on the album, “K&A,” is about the journey of both Aminè and KAYTRANADA. The song has a sort of 2000’s nostalgic feeling to it, which makes it the perfect ending to the album.

I rate “KAYTRAMINÈ” a four out of five stars because it’s a perfect and short album for the summer to forget about any worries and just have fun. All of the songs on the album have the fun and party energy going which is perfect to just let go of any worries before the summer.