Summer Walker living a ‘SOFT LIFE’

A must have for your spring playlist.

Fair use from Genius

Fair use from Genius

Nafisa Kahin

Summer Walker is back again for this year’s summer. She is always releasing music during the spring or summer season. Walker has released an EP (Extended Playlist) which is longer than a single but shorter than an album. Her latest EP, “CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE EP” features nine songs.

The EP starts off with “To Summer, From Cole,” featuring J. Cole. As you can tell from the title of the song, it seems like a letter. However, the way it’s sung sounds more like a poem. The music and the rapping fits each other so well — jazz music paired with simple rapping is so hard to find in the music industry nowadays. I am so glad Walker broke that wall with this song.

Number two on the tracklist is “Hardlife,” a soft and jazz-like song with soothing beats and music to put the mind at ease. I really love this song because it especially suits Summer Walker’s personality and it’s easy to tell this is her piece.

The third song on the list is “How Does It Feel.” If spring was a song, it’s obviously going to be this song. The instruments complimenting her voice are truly immaculate and the way her album isn’t getting much fame really puts me at the edge of my seat, as she’s making history. I feel it’s a very spring-like album as a whole.

“Mind Yo Mouth” is emotional, vibrant and again has jazz elements. Walker sounds like she’s speaking from her inner emotions and shouting out what she’s had in her mind throughout her life, putting it out there in these lyrics. 

“Pull up” shows how Walker is in the top three within the RnB group. It’s smooth and the instruments really match up with her entire album. Walker left an outro in this song — talking to someone outside the car after she’s been dropped off and saying goodbye and that she cares for and loves them.

“New Type” features Childish Gambino. Walker has done it again with this piece, sounding like she’s one whole choir even though she’s one person. Gambino sounds like he’s having a conversation through a verse as if he’s playing a character for Walker’s song. She also sounds as if she’s speaking to him.

Summer Walker did it again — she never comes to play and always satisfies her fans’ needs. “CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE EP” is one of her best albums in my opinion. She’s shown how much she’s matured as a singer and it really has me a bit surprised. Overall, I really recommend this EP.

“CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE EP:” ★★★★★