Serving up a new kind of fast food

Food trucks line the streets of downtown Minneapolis during lunch hours. These new eateries utilize social media as a way for customers to find the trucks since they move daily. They offer a variety of food options, ranging from Thai tacos to crab rolls.

Get Sauced

With food ranging from authentic Mexican to Korean barbeque it makes it easy to find what a person might want  for a unique lunch option and a new experience.
Junior Marcy Lohese said she is a big fan of “Get Sauced.”
“The food is less expensive than other places and it is easier to get to,” she said.

Smack Shack

Chef Keith Endres said offering seafood is what sets “Smack Shack” apart from other food carts that provide more typical American fast food.
“Our food is fast and easy to get,” Endres said. “Smack Shack is best because it has the longest lines but fastest service.”
The “Smack Shack” has found an alternative to greasy food that people like.

Vellee Deli

Vellee Deli hopes to bring fresh Asian flair to the food truck scene.
Freshman Kate Huber said she is excited to try the Asian cuisine featured at Vellee Deli.
“I enjoy new foods and look for opportunities to try them,” Huber said. “Vellee Deli gives me that opportunity to have new cultural experiences.”

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