Natural Helpers delays interviews

Group focuses on retaining old members


Yonit Krebs and Lauren VonEschen

Senior Anna Gleason, a leader of Natural Helpers, said Natural Helpers has delayed its interviewing process, changing their original plan of holding interviews the week of Sept. 26.

“Interviews were postponed because of homecoming and there was a lot of stuff going on in the school,” Gleason said. “I think that was a good idea because now school isn’t as busy and people will have time to focus on Natural Helpers.”

According to Natural Helpers’ adviser Andrew Carlson, their goal is be present to listen and support students who need help or someone to talk to.

“It’s (our goal) to give students a peer to be able to communicate with if they’re having a rough time or they’re going through something,” Carlson said.

Although they haven’t yet begun to form the club and interview new members, Gleason said that does not mean they aren’t available to help others.

“We haven’t formally started providing services to students, but if a student is interested in talking to someone, we can start helping right now,” Gleason said.

Once the group is together and the new members integrate into the group, Carlson said he will create a Google form for them to schedule meetings with other students.

“We established a meeting space for Natural Helpers, last year we did this through the counseling office and it got a little hectic,” Carlson said. “We put together for Natural Helpers a Google sign-in that they can use down in the media center. There will be a nice secluded spot for Natural Helpers to meet with anybody that they need to meet with.”

Gleason said their focus after interviews will be to find those best suited for being a part of Natural Helpers. She said she isn’t sure of the number of applications received.

“Right now we are starting the interview process and getting responses from old members who are still interested in being a part of the club,” Gleason said.

For more information on joining Natural Helpers and the interviewing process, students can contact Carlson or Gleason.