Junior sells bracelets

Proceeds go to helping family


Hanna Schechter

Junior Ethan Rickert talks about the bracelets he sells for his mom’s cancer to junior Abduhl Ibrahi. The bracelets cost $3 or 2 or $5.

Nicole Sanford

Junior Ethan Rickert reaches into his backpack and pulls out what seems like an ordinary bracelet, but by selling them, he helps keep his family afloat.

Rickert said his mom, Rachel Rickert, decided to sell bracelets to raise money for their family after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“It was my mom’s original idea, but I was the one that started selling the bracelets to everyone,” Rickert said.

Rickert said his mom was diagnosed in April 2014. He said she was confirmed cancer-free in August 2014, but was re-diagnosed last March.

“I started (selling bracelets) at the end of April two years ago. We settled down when she got cured, and when she got re-diagnosed we started up again,” Rickert said.

Rickert said he sells the bracelets for $3 to help with the family’s expenses.

“Most of (the money) goes to paying off my mom’s medical bills or to help supplement the cost of just everyday living for my entire family,” Rickert said.

Band teacher Steven Schmitz said he knows the Rickert family and is aware of their circumstance.

“I’ve known about their family situation, her  past victory over cancer and her current struggle,” Schmitz said.

Rickert said situations like his can be difficult, but asking for help provides a great support system.

“If you do find yourself in this type of situation, always seek help from others,” Rickert said.

Schmitz said others can show support for Rickert’s family in many ways.

“There are sign-ups for delivering meals because she is not able to cook, so I believe that’s one way,” Schmitz said. “Certainly the bracelets are a nice way to show support and offer a little bit of money.”

For more information on the Rickert family, visit lotsahelpinghands.com and search #rachelstrong.