HAP provides skills for future

Coach reaches out to students involved


Using HAP to grasp an importance of education while also meeting guest speakers, students have an opportunity to learn in a friendly environment according to adviser Peter Redmond.

According to the higher achievement program (HAP) adviser Peter Redmond, HAP will feature two different guest speakers in the next two weeks.

“Our boys’ lacrosse coach is making a presentation to HAP boys this week. He asked to do that in hopes of increasing the number of kids of color on the team,” Redmond said. “Our girls will have a guest speaker next Monday. She coordinates the Girls Inc. organization within the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA).”

According to junior Stephanie Garcia, Redmond pushed her to dedicate more time to her education.

“It’s helped me become a better student, because before I joined HAP, I didn’t care all that much about my grades. Now Mr. Redmond is constantly checking our grades and making sure we’re in class and stuff,” Garcia said. “So now I have to put more effort in school.”

Redmond said HAP doesn’t only work with academics, but also allows for students to watch films and discuss them.

“Besides the academic focus, we watch culturally based films and discuss them,” Redmond said. “Last year we watched Soul Food and Good Hair. Both movies are about different aspects of African American culture.”

Garcia said she recommends HAP to any student of color.

“It’s really fun and entertaining and we get to learn about all these issues and how they affect us. You get to meet new people and you get to make new friends,” Garcia said. “Personally, I concentrate better and do more work in school and stay on top of things since I joined, and it’s fun.”

Redmond said HAP provides several key traits necessary to be successful after high school, such as setting high goals.

“First, attitude — (I want them to) see education as an essential tool for success. (I) hope they will see the connection between education and becoming a viable member of society,” Redmond said. “Furthermore, I hope they see the connection between college and a vibrant, successful career. (I want them to) learn to advocate for themselves in an educational setting and learn to seek help with achieving educational goals.”

HAP meets in room L8 and ¾ twice a month. The times vary for grade and day.