Multicultural show to return to Park

Participants work to show culture, background


Students practice their routine for the Multicultural show Feb. 15. The Multicultural show takes place March 10 in the auditorium.

As junior Doreen Moranga rehearses her dance for the multicultural show, she hopes students and faculty recognize that different people have different backgrounds and cultures.

Moranga said she will be dancing with juniors Immaculate Ombaba and Samra Ali.

“(I wanted to audition) because most people think I am black because of my American accent and because I was born here, but I’m actually African and I just want to get that across,” Moranga said.

According to multicultural show facilitator Lindsey Meyer, the performance aims to showcase the many different cultures in the school.

“It is almost going to be more of a talent show, showing off the talent and gifts of our students,” Meyer said. “There will be dancing, singing (and a) spoken word piece. There is going to be a fashion show at the end where students can bring in clothes that they feel represents their culture.”

Meyer said she feels excited that students will get to show off talents they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to demonstrate.

“It has been fun to see students planning their event or their performance. I have had students stay in my room after school and practice their dancing and doing some of whatever they’re preparing for the show,” Meyer said.

Meyer said she hopes students will feel energy filled with positivity when they see the show.

“I am hoping that the whole student body feels excited to go down to cultural day and I hope that they feel it reenergizes them or is just something fun — a bright spot in the spring,” Meyer said.

Moranga said the multicultural show will educate students and staff members about different cultures and perspectives.

“It’ll teach (the high school that) different people have different backgrounds and different stories behind them and the way they do things culturally and politically, economically whatever,” Moranga said. “Hopefully that’s what (the show) does. I hope that’s what people get out of it.”

The multicultural show will take place during fourth and sixth hour March 10 in the auditorium.