Latino Students Association starts year with changes

Club encourages new members

Latino Students Association starts year with changes

From a support group to an official club, the Latino Students Association hopes to focus this year on issues facing the Latino community, according to club adviser Daniel Perez.

“We’re going to do a lot of delivery of information from immigration to mental health to how to navigate finances to how to apply for college,” Perez said.

New member Kristi Thompson said she is excited to discuss these issues in a new setting.

“(In meetings, we want to) talk about sensitive issues like immigration or difficulties facing the Latino community and also just talking about what it means to be Latino in St. Louis Park High School,” Thompson said.

New member, Junior Cecilia Brown said she wants to connect with new people through the culture and discussions.

“(I would like to) meet new people and also be integrated with people from the same culture and (learn) about other cultures along the way,” Brown said.

According to Perez, the club is able to reach out to other students and inform them about Latino culture through various celebrations and activities.

“(With) bigger Latino celebration, (Latinos are able) to share their cultures,” Perez said.

Thompson said the new way the club is designed allows students to share their perspectives and learn about others.

“(My goal is) to really get to know more Latino people and really understand their points of view because they might be different from mine,” Thompson said. “(I want to) get to know the culture well.”

According to Brown, the club is currently trying to get a feel for the new group and meet new people in order to expand by getting closer to each and every student as individuals.

“(My goal is to) get closer with people that are of the same culture and get to learn other people’s perspective on things,” Brown said.

The next meeting will be period four Oct. 15 in C350.