FCA uses app to guide meeting

Club application provides order, unity


Kaia Myers

FCA leaders Aaron Ellingson and Libby Ramspurger discuss devotionals with member, sophomore Caleb Stokes at a meeting Oct. 30.

Ruby Stillman and Kaia Myers

Fellowship of Christian Athletes leader, Jacob Brown, said the club has started to use an app to guide the group discussions during meetings.

“(The app) is good, it helps lead us through everything that we’re doing and it gives us a path and a lesson that we can work with,” said Brown.


Sophomore member Caleb Stokes said his first meeting was orderly, he appreciated that it was student-run, and he felt welcomed.

“(The meeting was) fairly organized and it’s cool it’s run by students. This is my first year and they were very open and they accepted me quickly,” Stokes said.

Brown said the app, FCA- Life Trainer, is simple to use and provides the club with straightforward lesson plans and dialogue topics.

“I just like how it’s very easy and convenient and gives us a step-by-step on what to talk about and how to address the situation,” Brown said.

Freshman Mohamed Abdla said other clubs should try using apps because of the simplicity they provide for members.

“I think (the app) probably makes stuff easier and a lot better to work with. I think apps would be useful for more clubs,” said Abdla.

According to Brown, FCA is an important outlet for club members to discuss their faith and how it applies to their lives.

“For us, it’s giving people a space for people to talk about their religion and open up their feelings. I just want to better educate and give that space for people,” 

Brown said.

Brown looks forward to the FCA club’s upcoming late night as it helps the club members bond.

“We’ll just go to somebody’s house and talk and play games, to get to know each other more. I’m always excited for that. That’s on November 18,” said Brown.

The app, FCA – Life Trainer, is available on the App Store and Google Play to download for free.