Math Team reflects on season

Club ended fourth in league


Carissa Prestholdt

Junior Zachary Weiser collects practice math sheets to complete in Math Club. This meeting Nov. 12 in Ms. Hoesing’s room prepared the team for their next competition.

According to junior Eitan Weinstein, Math Team is a way to have fun and to push himself to always be better.

“For me personally my goals were to keep pushing myself, a lot of the math is definitely beyond me and that’s fine because we’re all just there to have some fun and to challenge ourselves,” Weinstein said.

According to adviser Kristin Johnson, Math Team struggled throughout its season but were ultimately proud of its accomplishments.

“We finished the year really strong. We finished fourth place even though we had been struggling a little bit this year,” Johnson said.

According to junior Math Team member Michel VonEschen, the team did the same as previous years.

“We always get fourth at the competition because there are seven teams and three of them are a lot better than us and three are worse than us,” VonEschen said.

Johnson said throughout the season Math Team learns new things in order to compete well in its division which ended Feb. 11.

“We talk about the concepts because sometimes there are concepts we don’t teach in our regular classrooms, so they can learn some new things, so we take some time to go over new concepts,” Johnson said. “We had our last meet on Monday, and we finished the year really strong.”

Weinstein said the team has been pretty steady over the years and hopes to see more people join next year.

“One of our team goals was consistency, to stay consistent with how we have been doing in past years, and I think we did that,” Weinstein said. “For next year I would love to see if we could recruit some more people because I think a lot of people are daunted by it because they think you have to be a math prodigy.”

Math Team will be having its end of the year party in the next coming weeks, according to VonEschen.