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IB History celebrates student without tardies for 50 days

Senior Patrick Djerf smiles as he opens the pizza box during a pizza party in his history class. Djerf won this celebration by being on time 50 days in a row, a challenge that was set between him and his history teacher in October.

Samantha Klepfer

February 3, 2020

As senior Patrick Djerf sat in his IB History HL class eating pizza, he acknowledged that despite the 50 days he spent making sure he got to class on time, his perfect record broke shortly after the challenge ended. “I think I'm better at (being on time), even now that the 50 days have ended,...

Park holds informational sessions, tours

Freshman counselor Barb Nelson emails prospective families about informational sessions at Park. The first informational session will be Nov. 26 in room C350.

Molly Schochet and Isra Mohamed

November 2, 2019

Informational sessions and tours are important for those who are looking to attend Park in the future said ninth grade Counselor Barb Nelson.  “Every year there is so much interest from people coming from the outside. Whether they’re coming from private schools and live in (district) or public s...

IB Diploma recipients honored

Graduate Cole Beaton speaks during the IB Diploma presentation Aug. 12 in C350. Recipients introduced themselves, thanked those who helped them and spoke about what IB has done for them.

Noah Orloff

August 21, 2019

From the moment class of 2019 graduate Katie Hardie found out she had received the International Baccalaureate Diploma, she said she knew she had to thank those who helped her along the journey.  “My first instinct was to email all the teachers that helped me get there,” Hardie said. According ...

IB Diploma proves worthwhile for candidates

IB Diploma proves worthwhile for candidates

William Phelan

May 31, 2018

On May 16th, my IB testing concluded with the Spanish B SL exam. 22 hours of sitting in a desk over the course of the last two weeks, taking some of the highest pressure tests of my life thus far. However, if I had the choice I would do it over again in a heartbeat. As an IB diploma candidate, these past two y...

Psych meeting setup to prepare students for next year

Psych meeting setup to prepare students for next year

Jacob Stillman

May 30, 2018

According to AP and IB psychology teacher Greg Goddard, the summer homework meeting is a time for future psychology students to learn about the class they are taking next year. “(The meeting) is basically just an opportunity for students to ask questions about the summer homework and get the dates...

IB Hebrew meeting provides new information

IB Hebrew teacher Hadassa Slager talks with two IB Hebrew parents about the possible exam cancellation at a meeting April 26.

Ethan Meisler

May 4, 2018

According to sophomore Yoni Potter, the cancellation of the IB Hebrew program may not have an impact on current Park students, but will impact incoming grades as the program may be discontinued. “It won’t affect me because it won’t be cancelled until 2022,” Potter said. “But, it will af...

Park makes America’s Most Challenging High Schools list

Park makes America’s Most Challenging High Schools list

Nicole Sanford

October 3, 2017

According to Washington Post author Jay Matthews, Washington Post’s Most Challenging High Schools list was originally designed to give high schools credit for offering challenging courses, despite the results of their students’ standardized test scores. “I created (the list) because I had writte...

IB environmental systems and societies dropped

Al Wachutka helps a student in a science class in February. Wachutka registered IB Environmental Systems and Societies for the 2017-2018 school year, but the class was removed from the school curriculum.

Abby Intveld and Emma Kempf

October 1, 2017

When senior Megan Perkins learned the proposed science elective, IB Environmental Systems and Societies was going to be dropped from this school year’s courses, she said she was disappointed. “I took AP environmental science as a freshman ... I also thought it would be a good way to see how much...

Opinion: Advanced Placement classes provide opportunity

Opinion: Advanced Placement classes provide opportunity

William Phelan

May 23, 2017

Since the International Baccalaureate (IB) program came to Park in 2001, there has been a steady decline in the number of Advanced Placement options available to students. This is due to the district’s embracing the IB curriculum and truly becoming an IB school. Along with this decrease in the numbe...

Science department introduces new IB elective course

AP Environmental Science teacher Al Wachutka lectures his students in preparation for the unit test. Wachutka will be teaching the science department's newest elective, IB Environmental Sciences and Societies beginning next school year.

Max Bechtold and Hadeal Rizeq

February 21, 2017

AP Environmental Science teacher Al Wachutka will introduce a new year-long science elective called IB Environmental Systems & Societies for juniors and seniors next school year. According to Wachutka, the new elective is similar to the AP Environmental Science (APES) course, but goes into more dept...

Chemistry student works on experiment

Chemistry student works on experiment

Amaia Barajas, Malaika Bigirindavyi, and Lukas Levin

November 1, 2016

What is your topic? “The starch content of noodles and if that increases or decreases with the amount of time that you heat the noodles up for.” What does your topic mean to you “I run for one of my sports and pasta is one of the foods that I eat a lot.  It’s not exactly the healthie...

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