Volleyball brings school spirit to Park

Teachers win student-staff volleyball game

Ari Lissauer and Jamar Hester

The student-staff volleyball game ended with a teacher victory and a final score of 25-22.

English teacher Lindsey Meyer said events like these are important for students to have fun and brighten the community at school.

“I want to do more events like this,” Meyer said. “In the thick of winter, we need things to look forward to. We need things to bring people together and we need team spirit and school spirit. We need the pep band playing, and it’s really important to just make school about more than just academics — school’s about culture and community, too.”

Junior Cayden Kuss said that the game could have been more successful for the students, but was still overall fun.

 “It was okay,” Kuss said. “It was a little disorganized. We had too many people and not everyone knew how to serve correctly. We lost some points because of that. Overall, it was pretty good.” 

Staff member Scott Broady said the volleyball game was a cool way to keep spirit up.

“It’s super fun to kind of keep the spirit up in the school,” Broady said. “We got a lot of positive energy, I graduated from Park and it’s super fun to  get back in the gym with everyone. It’s awesome to find new ways to have everyone connect together as a bigger school community.”

Kuss said the game would be better by adjusting the rules to be more lenient with serves.

“There should be less people, because we had too many people,” Kuss said. “I also think we should let people serve from farther in because it ruined the game and was less fun because people were missing serves, so it would keep the pace up.”

Meyer said she would like the game to be more competitive next time, but it’s fun when students and staff bring lots of energy.

“I love to be hyped up by Polk, and I honestly love when we get those killer runs where it was back-and-forth and you didn’t know what was gonna happen,” Meyer said. “I want the students to give us a good run for our money one time, so maybe we’ll add a few more students. The teachers get real competitive.”

Broady added that Volleyball is a unique and fun sport, so it’s important to let students experiment with new things.

“Volleyball is a great, lifelong sport, I play in some rec leagues and different things,” Broady said. “And so if students are looking for hobbies or a way to get active, it’s great. All you need is a ball and there’s free sand nets and stuff around the cities in the summer, so students should look into playing more.”