Reaching out for a paw in need

Underdog Rescue hosts adoption event


Crystal Diaz

Junior Josh Folwick spends time with dog. Underdog Rescue hosted an adoption event May 24.

Abby Bartleson

Underdog Rescue is a local pet adoption service right here in Park who hosted an adoption event on May 24. According to event hoster Wendy Jackson, Underdog Rescues’ mission is to increase the amount of dogs that are adopted.

“Our goal is that people get paired with a great dog that is great for their home,” Jackson said. “Just get as many dogs in as many loving homes as possible and have them start a normal dog life.”

Event attendee Anya Zach-Salon said she enjoys attending adoption events because of the positive environment and people that go.

“I love meeting people here that came specifically to meet dogs because you know it means that they’re really interested in either adopting or fostering,” Zach-Salon said. “Everyone seems to just love dogs when they come here so that’s a fun dynamic.”

Local resident and event attendee Sara Leibham said she found out about Underdog Rescue by just living in the area.

“I actually moved to St. Louis Park a little over a year and a half ago, my first walk around the block I was like ‘Oh what’s this Underdog Rescue place, this sounds dangerous because I’m going to be adopting dogs left and right,’” Leibham said. “But sure enough, a month later I applied to be a foster, went through the entire process and here we are today.”

Jackson said the business’ goal with hosting these events is creating awareness about how important it is to adopt instead of shopping. 

“Our goals with these events are to create awareness and educate the community about how awful puppy mills are,” Jackson said. “Hopefully shift people’s mindsets on how they view these operations, and maybe eventually make them illegal.”

Zach-Salon said she’s had a very positive experience with fostering dogs through Underdog Rescue.

“So far it’s been great. I really love helping these animals, I already have another dog at home, she’s older,” Zach-Salon said. “I wanted to try out a second dog and do something good. When she came to us she was very timid and traumatized so it’s really nice to see her improving.”

According to Leibham, people should attend these kinds of events with an accepting mindset and willing to give any dog a chance for a happy future. 

“Come to these with an open mind, because sometimes you’ll find love where you least expect it with some of these dogs,” Leibham said. “Generally with fostering and adopting, make sure you always have the dogs’ best interest in mind, making sure that you’re going to be that person to achieve the goal of finding them a happy, loving home.”