Funky socks express exotic personality and display character

Students utilize socks for warmth, individuality

Dani Orloff and Breanna Thompson

For junior Mitchell Vortherms, socks are more than simply a garment.

“It’s kind of a tradition (to wear unique socks),” Vortherms said. “I wear weird socks every day, and it’s just kind of something I do.”

According to Patina visual merchandiser Martha Heyl, socks increase in popularity as the holiday season begins.

“We tend to put out thicker socks and more wool socks as we get into the holidays,” Heyl said. “I see a lot of patterns. Almost southwestern styles have been really, really popular.”

Heyl said showing your personality does not have to break the bank.

“The (socks) cost between $9.95 and $14.95. I would say between two and six pairs of socks (are typically bought),” Heyl said.

According to junior Kate Brinkman, she takes advantage of deals when buying socks.

“There was a two for one at Dick’s (Sporting Goods) on Black Friday for cabin socks, so that is where I got (the socks I wore today),” Brinkman said.

Sophomore Grace Farley said socks not only offer a wide variety of patterns, but also help her stay warm during the winter season.

“I like the Smartwool socks because they are very warm and I have cold feet and bad circulation,” Farley said. “Smartwool makes cool patterns.”

Brinkman said socks provide a practical use in the colder winter months.

“I like wearing warm socks because it is getting colder and it is a simple way to stay warm,” Brinkman said.

AP European history teacher Jeffrey Cohen said his collection features exclusively crazy socks.

“(Socks are) just a little way to create my own little personality,” Cohen said. “I grab them blindly in the dark, and I can’t see anything. So I just grab a pair.”

Freshman Mara Sanchez said they allow self expression.

“(Socks are) the thing that remind me to always be weird,” Sanchez said. “I normally get them as gifts, but when I buy them I buy them at Barnes & Noble.”

Heyl said new brands of socks are gaining popularity.

“We have a brand called World’s Softest and those are really popular,” Heyl said. “They’re really, really comfy.”

Vortherms said he continues to expand his sock collection to continue his tradition.

“I have a lot now, so it’s pretty easy to do,” Vortherms said. “If I see (socks) at a store or online, I buy them.”

According to sophomore Brita Bjorgaard, there are local shops that offer a range of socks.

“You can literally find socks anywhere like thrift shops, gift shops,” Bjorgaard said. “I like color (on my socks), like if there is a lot of color I am usually drawn to it.”

Heyl said socks are a common gift among all ages.

“I think (socks are used as gifts) because (they’re) universal. It’s something everyone needs and everyone wears, so it’s pretty easy to find something that will fit everyone, and something that will work with everyone’s lifestyle,” Heyl said. “I feel like everyone of every age buys socks.”