Junior reflects on 36 Arts’ slow year

Chava Buchbinder shares club plans for next fall


Celene Koller

Junior Chava Buchbinder sits in the library media center working on an event for 36 Arts. Buchbinder plans to pass on her leadership role because she will not attend Park next year.

According to club president junior Chava Buchbinder, 36 Arts remains a place for students to express their artistic talents in different ways.

“(The most rewarding part of 36 Arts has been) getting recognition throughout the school with people who want to do art,” Buchbinder said. “I think there’s a lot of recognition with sports or big big clubs (at Park) and people don’t really recognize that (smaller clubs) have talents and arts (too).”

Buchbinder said she took on a leadership role in the club after her sister graduated from Park.

“Last year, (the leader) was my sister and so she passed me the torch when she graduated last year,” Buchbinder said. “I just help plan events and put things together, coming up with new ideas and organization.”

According to club adviser Chris Nordmark, the club has experienced a slower year compared to previous ones.

“This year has definitely been a rebuilding year and we haven’t done much,” Nordmark said. “At the beginning of the year, there were a lot of Jewish holidays that made for many absences, so we had a very slow start.”

Buchbinder said scheduling conflicts presented the club with challenges throughout the year in organizing events.

“Making schedules work (has been challenging), that’s why so many things haven’t happened this year,” Buchbinder said. “We had planned (meetings) and we had to keep changing the dates and then (they) ended up getting pushed off so much, meetings and events we wanted to do never happened.”

Buchbinder said she is interested in a variety of art.

“I do some photography (and) I do (what) I call it like intense doodling where I’ll do doodles and then I’ll do layers and layers of doodles, so it’s like really weird, that’s kind of fun,” Buchbinder said. “I’m (also) very into choir. I think (choir) just shows how I like being art oriented like choir and music — that’s kind of a form of art.”

According to Nordmark, the club spent this year developing and reorganizing.

“(36 Arts) is going through some changes. We’re talking about not publishing a physical publication and doing an online (gallery) instead,” Nordmark said.

Buchbinder said while she won’t be attending Park next year, she hopes the club will continue to spread art throughout the school.

“We’re really hoping (36 Arts) goes better next year. I’m not going to be here next year, but I have friends who are planning on running it next year and I’m planning with them (what) to do next year for setup and events,” Buchbinder said.

Nordmark said that in replacing Buchbinder’s role in 36 Arts, junior Shoshana Altman will be taking over as club leader.

“(Altman is) uncertain about what (being president) will be like, which is understandable, (given) all of these changes, (but) we’ll figure it out together,” Nordmark said.

36 Arts meets at 8 a.m. on Tuesdays in room C367.