Girls’ golf perseveres through tough match

Team hindered by weather


Sophie Olmen

Freshman Maia Seidel hits an approach shot during a match May 9 at Brookview Golf Course. The next varsity match is 7:30 a.m. May 14 at Rush Creek.

Nicole Sanford and Ruby Stillman

According to senior Carly Livingston, the girls’ golf team faced some challenges during its most recent conference match May 9.

“A couple girls on the team played really well, and the other half didn’t just because Brookview is a pretty hard course just because there’s a lot of water hazards,” Livingston said. “So it’s hard to adjust to those and just the course is really wet and slow.”

Assistant coach Amanda Forsberg said, while courses differ in difficulty, Brookview felt exceptionally challenging during this match with weather-induced obstacles.

“Every course is different, so it’s hard to do a correct comparison, (but) this one had a lot of water hazards and sand traps, so it made it more difficult I felt,” Forsberg said.

Livingston said the recent competition proved more difficult than the first conference matches.

“I think it went worse (May 9). We didn’t play as well as we usually do,” Livingston said. “I don’t think we placed very high yesterday in terms of the team, so the other ones have gone better. This was probably our worst one.”

According to Forsberg, the team placed third, fourth and fifth in the match overall and said she felt the team stayed positive throughout the competition.

“I think the third place (finish) was really good. It was a bit chilly, so I was impressed that everyone stayed with it and stayed upbeat,” Forsberg said. “I think (the match) went well, I know a couple of the girls told me they felt better on Wednesday than they had in previous matches.”

Forsberg said she is most proud of the girls for staying positive and persevering through the challenging course conditions.

“(I’m proud) just that they stayed with it even though some were having a rough day — just not giving up and trying to approach each hole as a new start,” Forsberg said.

Livingston said despite the results of this match, she looks forward to seeing last minute improvements throughout the final practices and matches of the season.

“I hope it’s really nice weather just because the courses are a lot easier to play when the weather’s nice,” Livingston said. “I hope that the JV girls keep improving because each time they play they actually get better and it’s cool to see.”

The next conference match is 7:30 a.m. May 14 at Rush Creek Golf Club.