The 2019 city election unraveled

Senior Isaac Wahl, who plans on voting in the upcoming election, said he believes it is essential for young people to vote in order to make their voices known.

“It’s important for high schoolers to vote because we’re very conscious of what’s going on in the world today,” Wahl said. “We’re affected by a lot of the world’s problems directly because we’re a large group of students. We are exposed to a lot of different types of people, situations and opinions.”

Lukas Wrede, a 2018 Park alum, said he plans to come back in town and vote despite currently living in Alaska, and urges high school students to vote.

“(Local elections) can be you making your own decision based on meeting and getting to know the candidates in person,” Wrede said. “That’s something super valuable that we don’t get to experience in any other kind of election.”

According to election specialist for voter education and outreach Michael Sund, this year’s city elections will take place Nov. 5 — with early voting beginning in September — and will utilize ranked choice voting for the first time.

“In terms of how you vote on the ballot, you can rank up to three choices, so a first choice, a second choice and a third choice,” Sund said.

Wrede said local candidates are immersed in the community and have a stronger connection to voters.

“Local elections are important because the people you elect are your neighbors. They are people that are genuinely invested in every decision that is made in the community,” Wrede said. “They are just as invested as you are, so it’s important to get the right people in office.”

Wahl said students should take advantage of their right to vote and voice their opinions through the ballot box.

“We have the freedom and privilege to vote,” Wahl said. “So it’s really important to do your own research and take the responsibility to go out and vote.”

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