Frigid temperatures provide bonding opportunity

Time spent with family matters

Frigid temperatures provide bonding opportunity

Alec Pittman

Although temperatures below zero aren’t popular with the majority, the cold front creates alternative positives often overlooked. The wintry conditions offer numerous activities to do that otherwise go ignored or aren’t done when the weather is warm.

The freezing temperatures constitute an environment within the family, which generates a sense of togetherness. Too often families only come together for a single meal at dinner because of sporting conflicts, extracurriculars and social events. The cold negates these conflicts by discouraging people to leave the warmth of the home, and in doing so produces opportunities for the family to come together for a longer duration of time. Catching up in the living room while sipping hot chocolate may seem voluntary, but often without the low temperatures would not happen.

Although the cold can be a serious health risk in cases such as hypothermia, cold and flu symptoms, the sense of unity against the frozen weather overpowers these ailments. Parents telling children to bundle more and be safe becomes more frequent as the temperatures drop, tightening the bond each family member has with another. The constant, simple offering of tea or hot chocolate also brings forth the newly found connection within the family.

The lack of gratification becomes apparent as the temperatures drop to dangerous levels and people begin to wonder how lucky they are for everyday gifts, such as a hot shower or a furnace to keep the house warm at night. Volunteer numbers increase around the holidays according to fivethirtyeight, showing people realize the necessity for aid around this time of year, especially with the colder weather here in Minnesota.

If anything, the arctic conditions provide an excuse to relax and regain much needed sleep or a time for household chores. Remaining inside for most of the day, people can choose to watch Netflix shows they are behind on, assist in cleaning out the old closet or simply catch some much needed sleep for the next upcoming day and the cold weather along with it.

So in the long run, the cold truly isn’t as bad as it is made out to be. You need to keep in perspective the positives that come with it, and in no time, the Minnesota weather will have you enjoying its unreal cold.