Racially charged lawsuit against Harvard University proves unjust cause

Attack against affirmative action must be stopped


Katie Hardie

If Students for Fair Admissions succeeds in ridding Harvard of their affirmative action process in student admission, the precedent will be enough to backtrack America almost half a century.

Affirmative action is a policy that favors those who tend to suffer from discrimination, especially in relation to employment and education. Ever since its official introduction into the college admission process in 1978, affirmative action has become a major triumph for American minorities because it guarantees people of color an equal chance at solid education, and depending on their school’s quota status, even grant an advantage.

Now, partnered with known conservative whistleblower Edward Blum, Students for Fair Admissions (SFA) wants to take that all away. According to their lawsuit against Harvard, SFA wishes to ban affirmative action on the grounds capped racial quotas are cheating Asian-American and white students out of admission to Harvard. Speaking as a fellow Asian-American who has just as much at stake in applying to college, I say these people need to get off their soapbox and pick up a new argument.

Of all ways to attack the big monster of race in American collegiate admissions, stripping away the one thing keeping a decent percentage of colored students in colleges around the country is not the way to do it. In my admissions process, my ethnicity was one of the biggest things I relied on to give schools a reason to accept me. On top of that, the measure of diversity in each school was one of the biggest factors I looked at in applying. If SFA succeeds in wiping away affirmative action plans, students like me at Park and everywhere else will see their array of school choices shrink because of low diversity.

The indignant students behind this lawsuit are being blinded by their own bitterness so much so they cannot see the dirty truth in front of them: it’s just plain hard to get into Harvard.

According to the New York Times, about 2,000 students are admitted into Harvard’s freshman class out of about 40,000 applicants. Most have a perfect ACT or SAT scores, GPAs, and extracurricular resumés, yet a majority still get rejected. It’s a lottery, so when Asian-American and white students don’t win, it’s because Harvard has a 5 percent acceptance rate, not because there’s a racial conspiracy going on behind the curtain.

Affirmative action is the one thing that ensures diverse representation in schools. If Havard pitches their racial inclusion policies in the proverbial dumpster, it will just be a matter of time before schools across the country use the precedent as an excuse to do the same.