Minnesotan woman for president?

Senator Amy Klobuchar announces well-qualified candidacy


Tamar Gewirtz

To the relief of many people like myself, presidential elections are only two years away. Some current tenth graders and upperclassmen will be able to vote by that time. And in exercising our constitutional rights, we will have a chance to hopefully choose a new president.

I understand how difficult and confusing it can be to follow candidates policies. So, of the stampede of democratic, and primarily well-qualified candidates who are vying for the democratic vote, which one am I pushing for?

My vote will go to senator Amy Klobuchar, not just because she would be our first female and Minnesotan president — although that is a good start — but because of her approach and her policies.

The issues she plans to address as president are very relevant and important problems. These include, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, protecting online privacy and addressing sexual harassment, according to The New York Times.

Although senator Klobuchar is known for having an extremely high worker turnover rate, according to The New York Times, that should not color your judgement of her. She is also known for having high standards, and being very conscientious and hard-working. Furthermore, it is very probable that the accusations would not have been made against her in the first place had she been a male candidate, as many people claim.

The ability to get things done is an important quality that is needed in a president of the United States, and is a quality that senator Klobuchar excellently portrays. Prior to being elected to senate, she was a district attorney for Hennepin County. Since her election to the senate, she passed one of the largest number of bills of the U.S. senators. This shows she knows how to work across the aisle and get things done.

However, just because she gets things done, does not mean she does so mindlessly. Most other democratic candidates are falling over themselves to win over the liberal parties and supporting their policies.

Amy Klobuchar is unlike many other candidates. She is very cautious about adopting policies that might later prove very expensive, or impossible to achieve. She is upfront and realistic about policies and controversial issues, even if they do lose her some votes. For example, according to the Washington post, she is not committing to medicare for all or to free four year college, despite how highly beneficial these seem to many people.

For example, Kamala Harris, although a very valuable candidate, promised to provide Medicare for all and get rid of private health care should she be voted into office, according to NBC news.

Overall, Klobuchar is a very realistic candidate, in both her policies and her electability. Even for those who have never voted democratic, Klobuchar is moderate in her views and thus can appeal to a wide variety of people.

She also conducts herself in a way that shows great dignity. When questioning Justice Kavanaugh in the judicial committee, she handled herself well to say the least, despite provoking and demeaning comments directed at her, according to the Washington Post.

Amy Klobuchar announced her candidacy in the middle of a blizzard in St. Paul. With all the challenges of running for president, including the prospect of very personal attacks, the grit and determination she showed that day will serve her well during the arduous and stressful days ahead in her nomination campaign.

As the elections come up, St. Louis Park students play an important role in observing the candidates, spreading the word, and getting ready to vote for Amy Klobuchar in 2020, the most well-suited candidate for the job.