Mindfulness activities ineffective

Does not help students, wastes class time

Tennam Gyaldatsang

The use of mindfulness activities during school is a waste of precious class time which could be utilized for implied actual classwork.

My own experience with mindfulness activities is that 10-15 minutes of the class is spent by students either not listening or dozing off. The amount of wasted time outweighs the benefits of being more “balanced” in school and life.

The stress and anxiety that students feel during school are at the fault of the school, the amount of schoolwork and homework that students receive on a daily basis are one of the reasons these mindfulness activities have to happen. Students are already overwhelmed with the combination of school work, sports and work jobs.

This leads to an inadequate amount of time diverted from other things such as personal free time. The increase in time wasted during school takes away from the opportunity for education and learning useful information.

Instead of wasting precious class time, the students that actually need this mindfulness time should seek help from professionals, such as the high school counselors. If students don’t feel comfortable speaking with counselors, the Natural Helpers are also a resource. The school gives plenty of ways for students to destress. Students need to use their resources and find other ways to fix the problem.