Mindfulness activities effective

Class time for mental health focus helpful for students

Isra Mohamed

Mindfulness activities are a great way to start off a class because it allows students to relieve stress before taking on a busy day of work.

Many students feel stressed and tense throughout the school day so mindfulness activities can be very calming, and help ease the student before tackling the workload. Having a calm, relaxed mind can also be very helpful while learning new content because it lets your mind be able to focus in class and not on other things.

Mindfulness activities are also a great way of checking up on a student’s mental health. This is important and crucial because no one knows what’s going on in a person’s mind and what they might be going through outside of school except for them. Studies have shown that participating in mindfulness activities has been found to help people manage their mental health. According to the Mental Health Foundation, doing mindfulness activities is recommended as a way of improving someone’s mental health and well-being. Mindfulness activities can be comforting to students because they help them recognize that effort is being put in while caring about them.

Teachers and students need to connect more rather than teachers assigning work and calling it a day because it builds a stronger bond, for instance, if a student needs help with an assignment, they would have no trouble coming to the teachers for help. Mindfulness activities are a great way for teachers to interact with students more because it allows them to have time to get to know students a bit more and find out how they’re feeling. Teachers substituting time for check ins with students will help students find it easier to have a strong bond with them.

Having a couple minutes at the start of class everyday to interact with students is extremely beneficial because mindfulness activities have many benefits that are proven to be beneficial for students.