Post-pandemic world requires change to systems

Practices we should continue after COVID-19


Tenzin Gyaldatsang

As we hopefully get closer to the end of the pandemic, many practices like wearing masks daily and social distancing will slowly become obsolete. Even though practices like these won’t be necessary after the ongoing pandemic is over, some of these habits will be useful in a post-pandemic world.

Sanitizing workspaces has been an essential way to stop the spread so far during the pandemic. Although it won’t be needed as much in the post-pandemic world, sanitizing workspaces and other areas will still be an effective means for keeping spaces clean and safe.

Wearing masks while sick or traveling is also a practice that I would like to see implemented once the pandemic is over. It is a good courtesy gesture and it keeps diseases and illnesses from spreading. 

Getting vaccinated has been a key barrier to COVID-19, and COVID-19 vaccinations have been hitting record numbers recently — becoming more readily available for the general public. Getting vaccinated is an excellent way to strengthen your immune system and become less prone to common illnesses.

Being flexible to change has been essential during the pandemic, and flexibility is a trait that should be kept. 

We should also be more respectful and pay homage to our essential and frontline workers. Throughout the pandemic, they have been the light at the end of the tunnel, and they deserve recognition for their outstanding work and efforts.

Going on nature walks and other outdoor activities frequently is also a good habit to keep. Whether it be for exercise or for a mental health break, walking outside and getting fresh air is a good way to relieve and boost energy levels.

Virtual meets have been a great way to connect with others while in quarantine, and it should be continued past the pandemic. Even having a mix of either meetings in person or virtually is a great way to manage workloads and relieve stress.

COVID-19 has changed the way we do our daily activities, positively and negatively, and when we come out of this ongoing pandemic, these habits should remain a part of our daily routines.