Lack of murals lead to outdated hallways

Renovation needs to be prioritized


Lauren Thon

Photo Illustration by Lauren Thon

Crystal Diaz

Art brings people together and represents the school’s community. However, Park doesn’t showcase much art around the building. The architectural vibe is more 1980’s. That is because the C1 and B2 hallways perfectly capture that. Part of the school is more modernized, such as the athletic offices and student resources like the nurses office. C1 is the only part of Park that has murals — I admire the art everytime I pass by it, but it needs renovation. 

I personally believe there should be more art around Park; after all, we are an IB school. We need to represent what this community is built up of, which is people of color. One thing that does inspire me is art and that comes in all forms whether that is music, painting or even sculptures. The least Park could do for interior design is add some murals.      

The B2 hallway is the language hallway. We offer many languages like Spanish, German and Hebrew. There is so much culture that is held between those languages. Colors and patterns would make B2 more full of life. 

Textures and decorations may not seem like much, but they do mean a lot. Imagine how proud the student body would be to be represented. I would love to see my heritage and other historical figures represented in this school as it is quite an inspiration. I believe people like Cesar Chavez, Sonia Sotamayor and Celia Cruz should be painted in the B2 hallway. Historical figures like this paved the way for a lot of the student body. It is well deserved for them to be represented.

C3 could also use some renovation. For example, C3 consists of history and English classes. There are so many amazing historical figures like Malcom X, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sylvia Rivera that could be beautifully painted all across C3. 

The closest thing Park gets to a mural that has student representation is the senior wall every year. It is a perfect example of why the school needs more murals. 

Relatability is what makes good art. For example, being able to relate to art is what makes me personally resonate with it.  If students see themselves in art around the school, it would bring us together. In order to ensure that, Park needs to renovate it’s hallways by representing students.