Staff Editorial: Lack of transparency from administration causes unrest

More clarity needed from administration


Ayelet Prottas

Senior Jada Mclemore speaks during the SOAR facilitated discussion Nov. 9. The discussion was held to discuss the white faculty member who used the N-word.

In a marketing class Nov. 4, a white faculty member used the N-word in conversation with two Black students. After an open-mic discussion hosted by Students Organized Against Racism (SOAR) to discuss the incident, many questions were left unanswered. The white faculty members’ use of the N-word provoked this plea for clarification. 

Park promotes student-led involvement to boost individuality and self-advocacy. However, the participation of students in the school does not properly align with the decisions administration is currently making to ensure this incident never occurs again. 

During the SOAR facilitated discussion, administration stated that they are following through with protocols when it comes to handling the incident. This raises the question, what are these protocols? Ultimately, students are left in the dark when it comes to these protocols. According to page six of the School Board Policies, the procedures in place for acts like Retaliation or Reprisal, disciplinary consequences will be sufficiently severe. The Echo Editorial Board believes administration should provide students with specific information to ensure that they are aware of the actions being taken. 

Students are the ones who drew attention to the issue and demanded change in staff contracts to reflect that this shouldn’t happen again. In order to promote student-driven success, the Echo Editorial Board believes administration must be clear about any future precautions taken. 

Students are left to make their own assumptions on the legitimacy of the actions being taken toward this incident without the proper information provided to eliminate assumptions. Due to the white faculty member’s current absence, students in their class are left to wonder where their academic learning lies. The Echo Editorial Board believes without the proper information provided to students, they have been left to make their own assumptions on whether any action has been taken and an investigation happening. 

Confusion among students will only rise if administration continues to fail to provide students with the information they need to continue the faculty member’s class even if they are not there. If students aren’t informed, they are left to believe that nothing is being done in relation to the inquiry and policies. 

Moving forward, it is important that the administration communicates and owns up to their statement that student voices come first and addresses these voices. To do so, the Echo Editorial Board believes students should be given the correct and up-to-date information so that they are aware of the measures being taken and can avoid making incorrect conclusions.