Staying safe over Halloweekend

Here’s some incentive, stay attentive

Abby Meisler

With Halloween right around the corner, remembering to stay safe in the Park community is important. There are different ways to ensure your safety over the weekend and on Monday.  

Having fun with friends and going to parties is a normal teen experience, but there are precautions you should take for your and others’ safety. There are essential measures that you should take to ensure you are safe while attending a party.

The FDA recommends buying a costume with flame resistance. Another big safety concern is eating food and candy that could possibly be tampered with. If you see anything suspicious, such as discoloration and pinholes in wrappers, don’t eat it.

Keep your phone charged and on you. Your phone can save you in an emergency and you can contact family or friends if you need to.

Drinking responsibly is a big one, especially for parties. Always be sure you have a safe ride home and that your designated driver is not going to be drinking. Never get in a car with someone who has had anything to drink. If you are planning to drink, be attentive to your drink; never leave it unattended. Under no circumstance should you take a drink given to you from someone you don’t know. 

Drive responsibly. Even if you aren’t a drunk driver, there are likely to be many on the road. Be very careful and attentive when driving, especially over the weekend. 

Try not to travel alone. Being alone at night is not ever a good idea, specifically on the weekend of Halloween. 

Finally, trust your instincts. Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with, and at all times have someone you can call or talk to if you feel unsafe.

Halloween is a big and exciting weekend, especially for teens. As it is so popular, events can be dangerous. Taking precautions like drinking safely and staying mindful of your surroundings can help keep you protected during your future Halloween plans. Happy Halloween!