Black History Month in Park

Inclusivity during Black History Month


Roberto Alvarez

I believe that Park is doing a great job of acknowledging and celebrating Black History Month for students. Over most of the school you can find flyers that show different events you can go to that represent Black History Month in a way that everyone can be included to see. I think what Park is doing is great because it gives kids the chance to visualize and see what this month represents. It’s also good how aware and active they are about making sure that these events are being acknowledged. 

There are events like Artist Exhibition and watching the “Black Panther” movie. I really enjoyed those events from seeing them as a student, and in general I really respect the school for putting time and effort to make this possible for students and knowing how important this month can be for students. 

With a variety of different events to go to, I went to the screening of the “Black Panther ” movie that was held by the school. I found it to be a really good movie, but even from seeing what the other events were I thought they looked amazing. Some events that I read through showed a breakfast for parents or caregivers called, “National African American Parent Involvement Day.” This gave parents or caregivers in the African diaspora to thank these people  for the work, get breakfast and see their kids school, hosted by Park. This one example shows how invested and commited Park is to spreading inclusive events to this month and creative ways to celebrate and acknowledge it.  

Kids didn’t have to ask teachers or administrators about the events because they put up flyers around the school to give students all the information that they needed. This showed that Park is ahead of these events and are giving kids in the school all the chances to be able to experience these opportunities.

Overall, I think Park did a great job of celebrating Black History Month through events that the school held. With a variety of different ways of spreading information , through either email or flyers, gave students the opportunities to learn more about events and have the chance to experience them. That’s where I give a lot of credit to the people who made this happen and making sure the kids who do celebrate Black History Month were not missing anything out by the school. This shows that Park does really care.