Senior prank proves harmless

Roberto Alvarez

I believe that the senior prank is harmless and enjoyable. No one is getting hurt in the activities or pranks that are being placed by the seniors, which simply includes a water balloon fight. That being said, I understand students who wish to steer clear of the event but there are ways to stay away from it.

From my past experience seeing the water fight, I’ve never seen anyone complain to the extent that they shouldn’t do it anymore. Compared to other schools’ senior pranks, ours is harmless. At Park, no one is doing anything illegal or harming the school. In addition, the annual water fight is something seniors look forward to.

Senior pranks should continue at Park. It’s a tradition, it’s a goodbye and it’s one last chance for seniors to have their last moment at Park. This is their last year at Park and this prank should be a memorable moment for seniors to do something fun for their last week of school. I do agree that some pranks go to the extreme and have major consequences, but this is not one of them. It’s an enjoyable moment for seniors and I am happy that it’s become a tradition at Park.  

While there are alternatives, there aren’t any that are better than our current tradition. It’s the end of school, it’s warm and hot out, and what better way is there to cool you off than the senior prank. Furthermore, everyone is involved. Kids from other grades get involved and other alternative pranks don’t seem as fun. The senior prank is one of few student-led events that administration has little to no say in, which makes it more fun. Other ideas like the senior parking prank aren’t as inclusive or as fun. If everyone loves this water balloon fight, then why get rid of it? No one is complaining about it, so what’s the big issue? While people may think that alternatives are safer, our current prank hasn’t led to serious injury.

The process of trying to change the senior prank is extremely random. There are more important issues that Park faces than a harmless senior prank. As an underclassmen, I can only assume that seniors would be disappointed in the prank change. It’s not that big of an issue for people to be stressing that much over, unless it causes harm to students or staff. Over the last couple of years, this prank has started no issues and I don’t believe any will occur.

Overall, the senior prank shouldn’t be looked down upon because it’s proven to be harmless and people look forward to it. Getting rid of it would only cause unnecessary disappointment from the senior class, if no one in the first place wanted it to be changed.