Powwow brings excitement and culture to Park

Recent event celebrates inclusivity and culture


Roberto Alvarez

Recently, the Rec Center held a powwow event that I attended. This event was a day to celebrate Native American culture, with a variety of different things you can do at this event and celebrate native american culture. I really enjoyed this event, there were a good amount of people who came, it talked a lot about the history of Native American tribes from Minnesota, and was very inclusive. I think people should consider going to this event in the future. They had food, dances, and talked a lot about awareness for Native American people, their history and culture.

This event was really inclusive. Although it was celebrating Native American culture and history, anyone could come and it was open to the public. I really liked that they were open and not closed to only a certain group of people who could come to the event. This shows and helps people understand more about the history of native americans and learn more about it. I certainly thought that was the case for me — to learn a bit more about Native American culture.  

I enjoyed the fact that St. Louis Park is able to host this event, knowing how important this event is to Native American tribes from Minnesota. The fact that these types of events that a city like St. Louis Park can hold, can bring communities together to these events and that’s what I saw during the powwow. Also, they put on a really good event, in the sense that everything seemed very organized and planned. They didn’t just do it all of sudden, you could tell it took time to get everything together and prepared.  

I really enjoyed the very first parts of the event where they had traditional dancing performed to start off the event, which was performed by different members of different native american tribes. They explained more about the background of these people and their background as being a Native American. I loved that they gave us more insight into their background, so that at least I felt more informed. The people managing the event were very nice, it was a very put together event, with different areas you could explore with food and artifacts of Native American culture. It was fun learning more about their history in general and in Minnesota. 

Overall I really enjoyed the powwow. People should really consider going to this event in the future. You really get to educate yourself about Native American culture through fun activities, dances and more. These types of events are really important, and need to be recognized more. I am happy that so many people from the community were there to see it. I am glad that I was able to see it.