Florida Governor becomes a presidential candidate

Governor Ron Desantis debuts as a candidate for 2024 election


Anisa Kahin

Florida Governor Ron Desantis announced his presidential run on May 25. Desantis is a republican and has been governor since 2019. Desantis is known for his far-right political beliefs and the number of extreme laws he passed in Florida. Seeing his opportunity, he has made himself a 2024 presidential candidate.

The laws that Desantis has passed in his state consist of an abortion ban called the Let Kids Be Kids bill package, a ban on any discussion on the LGBTQ+ community in schools called the Don’t Say Gay bill (HB 1557), a bill allowing concealed carry without a permit, a bill restricting treatments and bathrooms for trans people in Florida and many more messed up bills. 

These laws that were put into place have caused people like Dwayne Wade and his family to leave Florida because they understand that their lives and their children’s lives aren’t valued and they won’t be accepted. Even businesses such as Disney World are seeing the issue with the laws that Desantis is implementing.

In recent polls about republican presidential candidates, Desantis surpassed former president Donald Trump. He’s made many comments and bills on restricting what Florida residents are able to speak about in public, but the one that stuck out to me the most is the Stop W.O.K.E. Act. This bill limits what people in schools and businesses say about race.

Desantis has proven to Americans that his goal is to continue pushing the far right agenda he has started in Florida to the rest of the country. Considering how all of his political beliefs would affect the majority of America’s population, allows me to believe that he isn’t fit for president.

As we’ve seen with former president, Donald Trump, people whose goal is to dim down on what the American society is allowed to do is something that we cannot have happen. We’ve already had our run with Trump, let’s not have it again with Desantis.

One thing that I know for certain is that we cannot allow bigoted politicians to continue to run our country. The impact that these people have on our communities and our government is far too strong. People like Desantis will do whatever it takes to continue abusing the power they have been given. Until we stop allowing them to be comfortable in what they’re doing, they’ll never stop.