Mr. Noel in the spotlight

New teacher introduction

Cole Denham

What do you teach and what do you cover in your classes?

I teach 10th Grade English and Honors 10 English. I like to cover media literacy, interpersonal communication, letter (and) literary analysis. Those are all critical skills heading into junior and senior year.


What type of teacher would you say you are?

I like to think of myself as a realist. In the sense of, I understand how school can really be for students. I do think I’m chill.  At least, I hope I am. I do have my sticklers like every human being does.


How do you like Park so far?

So far it’s been great. The students are fantastic. It’s really a difference from when I was at St. Paul before (and) now here so it’s a different diversity of students and I’m excited for the challenge.


What do you like about teaching?

It’s the idea of shaping the next generation of students (and) bringing a different perspective for most students. It’s definitely (about) seeing people improve and find their way in the world.


Who or what inspired you to become a teacher?

Growing up with teachers who didn’t look like myself and then having some that did really brought to me the idea of leaving an impact on students on both fronts — allowing students to see someone as a person of color and a diverse role, other than behavior specialist or security. (It’s important) seeing the possibility of a world where they can see a teacher that looks like them. Studies have shown that students that see teachers of color have improved performance.