Alasia Thammavongsa creates a crocheting Instagram

Senior finds passion in crocheting


Jesse Belen

When did you start crocheting? 

I started crocheting recently, I would say mid-last year or towards the end of last year. I’m just now starting to make more projects so I can start selling them. 

Why did you start crocheting? 

Honestly, I wanted to make a cat beanie for me and my boyfriend so I was like, “Might as well start now.” 

How much do you charge? 

It depends on what it is. For the flowers I made, they were $40, though I do want to make a bouquet, but I don’t know when to practice. 

How did you start the business? 

I didn’t really start it, I just wanted to sell crocheting stuff. (People) come to me. 

Do you get a lot of customers? 

Not really, maybe because of the lack of me posting about it and the lack of awareness. I do know that I want to start selling them during the summertime too. 

What was your favorite thing to crochet? 

I’d say a bag I made for my sister, it has tulips on it. It took me forever to make, but that one was my favorite — it’s also tedious work. 

How do you pace yourself when you crochet? 

I don’t really pace myself. It takes me a while to crochet, but I don’t get distracted easily, so I try to finish my work — which will usually take me a few days. 

Do you plan on continuing to crochet after high school? 

I really want to, but I’m afraid that if I do go to college it will be an issue. I would really like to sell (in the future). 

Will you turn it into an actual business? 

I want to, but I just need to know about the business process. I don’t like long processes. 

What’s your crocheting Instagram handle?