New assistant principal brought to the high school

Derek Wennerberg will lead for remainder of year


New assistant principal Derek Wennerberg assists students while transitioning to the environment of the highschool and students May 10. Mr Wennerberg has also been teaching at the middle school since the early 2000s.

Serena Bovee

After many years in the district assistant principal Todd Goggleye left Park to work at Robbinsdale Area Schools leaving new assistant principal Derek Wennerberg to step in.  Wennerberg has 23 years of experience as both a teacher and a dean for the middle school. He said he has had the opportunity to get to know a plethora of Park students through the years. According to Wennerberg, he is sad to leave the middle school, but he was requested to work as assistant principal here.

“The middle school has always been my home, but I was asked to be here, so here I am,” Wennerberg said.

Students have made a lasting impression on him, and Wennerberg said his job as assistant principal has helped him connect with them on a more emotional level.

“I got to see these students from a completely different perspective,” Wennerberg said. “I see them both when they are struggling and when they need help in both when they need help because their grades are falling and I get to see them when they want to exemplify their skills.”

According to Wennerberg working in the education line of work has helped him feel fulfilled. Wennerberg has built many connections with students over the years and now, some students are coming back to talk to him this year.

“I have always been someone who wants to listen to students and help them learn how to take care of themselves physically, but also their mental health,” said Wennerberg. “It is my role as an educator to help students shine and let them grow.”

Wennerberg has three children and his wife is a flight attendant, the ability to travel has encouraged a specific hobby in his life. He travels through the world with his family showing the world to his children.

“Me and my family live in Minnesota, we however see many places with my spouse and children. This allows my children to see many different cultures and see many different perspectives,” said Wennerberg. “It isn’t just my children that see these new things. I do too, and I am happy that both me and my children learn new things from all these cultures.”

As of now, Wennerberg has been hired as an interim Assistant Principal which means the job has only been promised to him this year he could work any job that the district wants him to work in next year.

“I was only hired this year as assistant principal. Depending on what the school needs, I could go work as a health teacher again or I stay assistant principal. It is just up in the air right now,” said Wennerberg.