Junior chosen for Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota

Alaysha McCall helps to develop legislation for State


Junior Alaysha McCall participates in Young Womens Initiative of Minnesota meeting. This meeting took place Oct. 18 at the Minnesota capital. Fair use from Alaysha McCall

Marta Hill

After starting on the Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota a month ago junior Alaysha McCall is embracing this opportunity to learn.

“At first I was nervous out of my mind,” McCall said. “I thought it was a volunteer thing, but when I got (to the meeting) lieutenant governor Tina Smith and governor Mark Dayton (were there). It was intimidating at first, but now (it’s different) because you are in a room filled with super powerful women. It’s really uplifting.”

When McCall was chosen for Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota (YMI) she was chosen out of a large group of qualified women who YMI is creating more opportunities for.

“You can only have 25 members in a cabinet, and there were more than 400 women who applied,” said McCall. “Everyone was good, even if they didn’t get picked. But right now (YMI is working on) creating more groups and things to branch off from this so that they can get involved in different groups.”

According to McCall YWI is a cabinet of women selected to help advance legislation in Minnesota.

“Everyone on the cabinet is a woman, between the ages of 16-24. And they all come from different ethnicities and different backgrounds, from greater Minnesota and here in the twin cities,” McCall said. “We basically help out with policies and laws of Minnesota. And help put together programs for young women in Minnesota.”

High school social worker Marlee Nirenstein said that she hopes McCall can really embrace what a great opportunity she has.

“(Once she) makes her position known, other people can approach her and she can be the representative that goes back to the committee (and brings forward) some of the community needs and concerns from (St.Louis Park),” Nirenstein said.

Nirenstein said that McCall seems like the right woman for the job because of her experiences and personality.

“She is someone who has a lot of awareness about some of the needs within the community, and this will be her opportunity to kind of be that voice (for the community),” Nirenstein said .

Nirenstein says it take a lot of maturity and passion to be able to do the work the McCall is doing.