Spanish teacher feels excited to work with father

New staff member hopes to learn, build relationships


Culver Carden

First-year Spanish teacher Lydia Brubaker helps students complete their work on Nov 1. Lydia Brubaker is the daughter of social studies teacher Bradley Brubaker.

Makagbe Kuyateh

When Spanish teacher Lydia Brubaker found out Park had an opening for a language teacher, she felt her dream was being fulfilled.

“I always thought St. Louis Park would be the type of school I would want to teach at because when I was here I felt that I got a really good education,” Lydia Brubaker said. “I also feel there’s diversity and everyone brings a different background to the school.”

Lydia Brubaker said she describes working at Park as an outstanding experience.

“I feel that the staff has been super welcoming. It’s fun to see my old teachers,” Lydia Brubaker said. “I feel like I can’t bring myself to call them by their (first) name, but it’s fun to be coworkers with people who had a big impact on my life.”

History teacher Bradley Brubaker said he felt thrilled when he found out his daughter was going to be working with him.

“I was excited for her because I knew that she really wanted to teach Spanish,” Bradley Brubaker said. “She had been teaching elementary English Language Learners but really wanted to be at the high school level so I was glad she was able to find a job doing what she wanted to do.”

Lydia Brubaker said she loves working with her father because she has a great relationship with him and can go to him with any questions she may have.

“I really get along with my dad. He has been one of the people that have been supportive of me,” Lydia Brubaker said. “He’s always willing to talk and gives me great advice when I’m struggling with what I should do in a certain situation. He has a really good idea always because he has been doing this for so many years.”

Lydia Brubaker said she always wanted to be a teacher because she had teachers as her mentor and she wanted to share her appreciation of foreign language.

“My parents were both of my teachers, my mom taught me when I was growing up, and then my dad was one of my teachers (at Park). I grew up seeing teachers as my role models,” Lydia Brubaker said. “I just love the language learning process. I saw so many kids when I was in high school quitting language. That’s why I wanted to share my love of language.”

Bradley Brubaker said Lydia Brubaker is a warm hearted individual and knows her students will discover that about her this year.

“My daughter is a sincerely kind, caring and humble person who is loaded with talent,” Brad Brubaker said. “Obviously that’s coming from her dad, but I think Park students will discover that I’m right.”

Lydia Brubaker said she looks forward getting closer with her students throughout the school year.

“I want to be a continual learner, to be reflecting on what I’m doing and trying to make it better for my students,” Lydia Brubaker said. “One of my huge goals is to build relationships with kids and get to know students because I feel like if you don’t then it’s hard to feel valued and and want to continue learning.”