Senior qualifies for Nordic State race

Emmett Foner competes Feb. 14


Carissa Prestholdt

Senior Emmett Foner scrapes his skis after waxing them Feb. 12, following a Nordic ski race.

Kaia Myers

In order to achieve his five-year long goal of skiing at State, senior Emmett Foner chose an unconventional strategy.

“For that second race, I just sprinted the first half of it and burned out all of my energy to dishearten the skiers so that they’d lose sight and give up. All they were shooting for was to get up to (the sixth) spot, so I guess it all worked out.” Foner said.

Coach John Dyste said he is proud of Foner for qualifying for the State race.

“I was really excited. I mean, Emmett’s worked very hard for five years now and to have him finally achieve what he’s been trying to achieve for so long was really amazing,” Dyste said.

Foner said the skiers compete in a regular skate race and then, based on the results of that race, compete in a pursuit classic race.

“At Sections, after the first race, I was in the fifth spot for individuals. It’s like a pursuit race where you go based off of how far back you were from the first place racer,” Foner said.

Dyste said the Nordic team will bring more skiers up to Giant’s Ridge to race.

“The Coaches Association puts on a relay the day before State,” Dyste said. “It’s a mixture of skiers that we bring to get those younger skiers some opportunities to see the State meet before they go.”

Dyste said his goal for Foner is to place in the top 20 in the first race.

“My hope is that he’ll come out in the top 20. If he does, then he’ll have the ability to have a classic race,” Dyste said. “There’s 120 skiers who made it, so if you come out of the first race and you’re somewhere between 30 and 60, you almost have no chance of going anywhere because everyone is starting half a second apart.”

According to Foner, he hopes to place in the top 30 at the State meet at Giant’s Ridge.

“My goal is just to end up somewhere in the top fourth,” Foner said.

Information current at press time Feb. 13. For updated information concerning Foner’s State results, see for this information.