Orioles leave it all out on the field

Football season ends in 64-25 loss

The Orioles prepared to battle Armstrongs Falcons during the second round of sections Oct. 29. To celebrate the Halloween weekend, students from both teams wore costumes ranging from cows to ‘80s workout gurus. 

The Orioles took a 64-25 loss, marking the end of this year’s football season. After the game, players embraced each other and said goodbye to the season.

Sophomore Antonio Brayboy said he came into the game feeling optimistic.

“I was confident — I wanted to come out and win,” Brayboy said. “I just wanted to be able to go far with this team before having to say goodbye to them.” 

Sophomore Maxwell Olson said he hoped to spend more time with the seniors before the season ended.

“My goals were to play one last good game with our senior group and to win,” Olson said. “We all knew where this game was going. I wanted to play with our older guys.”

We didn’t have a great record, but if you looked at us as practice or if you looked at us before our games you would’ve never guessed that.

— Maxwell Olson

Coach Alexander Polk said the season had its highs and lows.

“(It had) peaks and valleys,” Polk said. “I’m never going to end a season not feeling joy from (the) season, because despite the win-loss record, the kids are going to be fantastic. (I) definitely saw people grow up throughout this year, the record wasn’t what we wanted it to be, but we as people grew, so that’s always a win.”

Olson said that the team is much more than just their record.

“As a group, we’re such a family,” Olson said. “We didn’t have a great record, but if you looked at us as practice or if you looked at us before our games you would’ve never guessed that.”

Polk said that the growth of players throughout the season is important to him.

“It’s a cliché answer, but the development of people (was the highlight of the season),” Polk said. “There are people that I would correct in the beginning (that would) roll their eyes, but as the year went on, (they’re) so clearly part of the team and a part of the community. It’s like they realized how we’re operating as a team, (and) the love as a family.”

Brayboy said they still need to work on coming together as a team next season.

“We have a lot of good players independently,” Brayboy said. “They all have their strengths. Our energy is our weakness. Playing as an individual is a good thing, but it’s not as good as playing as a group.”

Polk said the senior class is a clear standout group to him. 

“I really like this class (of 2023). (There is) lots of heart, lots of character, lots of leadership,” Polk said. “We only had seven that played all four years, but we have twenty people in the senior class now, so it’s also the aspect of them as people bringing in other people as well. (They are) one of the top classes I’ve ever been around in terms of their character more than anything.”