Boys’ basketball victorious at first home game

Team defeats Washburn 85-76

After a triumphant 85-76 win against Washburn Dec. 9, assistant coach Rob Griffin said he was proud of how the team performed because of the progress players have made.

“We have played a lot better together, especially considering we have only played a couple games together this season,” Griffin said.

Junior Julian Lambe said he thought the team played well, specifically while transitioning back and forth down the court.

“We did really well because we were playing good defense and just pushing it well on transition,” Lambe said.

Sophomore Micah Curtis said that the team did a good job pursuing the ball and playing good defense, but players could work on communication on the court.

“The team as a whole played really well with pressuring the ball as well as playing good defense with solid transitioning,” Curtis said.

According to Griffin, although the team experienced some hiccups during the game, he said he has high hopes for the rest of the season.

“Our ceiling is incredibly high and we’re starting pretty much from the basement, so we have a lot of stairs to climb to get to the top,” Griffin said. “ I’m really excited for this season.” 

Lambe said their downfall during the game was making simple mistakes with the ball.

“During future games, we have to work on our passing and just making better and more thought out decisions with the ball,” Lambe said.

An important aspect during games is communication, which the team lacked during the game, according to Curtis.

“Being vocal on the court is a super important part of the game so we have to work on our communication and talking on the court,” Curtis said.

Park is geared up to face Hopkins, 7:00 p.m. Dec. 13, at St. Louis Park High School Main Gym.